A multidisciplinary approach to pain


The Swiss Pain Institute in Lausanne has developed an innovative strategy which carefully analyses the patient and their pain. The patient benefits from a holistic approach to their pain, all the way from initial diagnosis to treatment.

For more than 15 years, our specialist team has been recognised for the high-quality care it gives to patients suffering from persistent pain with a range of different causes.

Where does it hurt?

With cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques at its disposal, the Swiss Pain Institute provides a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services to achieve the best outcomes for pain sufferers at each stage of their journey, with every patient given an individual treatment package.

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The Swiss Pain Institute uses a multidisciplinary approach with biomedical and, if necessary, psychosocial elements. Our initial focus is on listening carefully to the patient and understanding their life.

Dr. Philippe Mavrocordatos
Philippe Mavrocordatos Medical and Administrative Director learn more
Dr. Danielle Skouvaklis
Danielle Skouvaklis Attending Physician learn more
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16 July 2018

Dr. Mavrocordatos, guest on the radio program “Les échos de Vacarme”

Dr Philippe Mavrocordatos was a guest on the Swiss La Première radio program “Les échos de Vacarme” alongside philosopher Alexandre Jollien (RTS – La Première, Sunday 4 March 2018):  

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16 July 2018

“Swiss Pain Institute” on Swiss TV News 19:30

A report on the Swiss 19h30 TV news programme featured the services provided at the Swiss Pain Institute (RTS 1, Sunday 2 July 2017):

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