We regularly update our FAQs with the most common questions from patients and prescribing doctors.


What is the purpose of the initial consultation?

At this first appointment, the pain doctor seeks to understand the different elements of your pain using a pre-appointment questionnaire. Your pain history is also taken.

Who takes the initial consultation?

A pain doctor takes the initial consultation.

Treatment strategy

Which diagnostic and interventional approaches does the Swiss Pain Institute use?

Neurological diagnostic approach to pain

Our medical team are committed to precise diagnosis. Therefore, neurophysiological examinations are carried out to determine the aetiology and scope of neurological damage associated with pain. A doctor and nurse on the team are highly specialised in this field.

Interventional diagnostic approach

One or more anaesthetic techniques may be necessary to understand what is causing the pain. Examples often used: testing (drug, intravenous, oral, functional); anaesthesia of nerve branches and roots, of the nerve plexus, of the cranial nerves; cervical and lumbar epidurography; discography.

Therapeutic interventional approach

Used to treat pain in the short-, medium- and long-term with an approach which may be invasive or non-invasive; drug or non-drug. Examples: drug treatments (oral, systemic, topical, intrathecal); infiltrative treatment (epidural, intrathecal, peripheral nerve); neuromodulation using spinal cord stimulator implants or subcutaneous pumps; neuroablation and other minimally invasive treatments are used.

Psychological diagnosis and support

Chronic pain can severely disrupt lives. Patients sometimes need a diagnostic and therapeutic psychological approach to assess the impact of the pain on their lives and suggest suitable individual or group treatment. Our Institute takes these analytical and cognitive behavioural approaches. A holistic therapeutic approach is used. It also plays a key role in educating patients and maintaining their general health.

Other information

What is the Swiss Pain Institute’s address?

Avenue de Savoie 10, 1003 Lausanne

How do I get to the Swiss Pain Institute?

Please see the information on the How to find us page