The Institute


The Swiss Pain Institute is an independent body that treats patients suffering from persistent and chronic pain. Our centre was set up following an in-depth analysis of the treatment process and the benefits and limitations of the options offered to patients.

We focus on the pain, the patient and their individual aims, all under one roof. The latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are employed to understand and treat patients’ pain using a multidisciplinary approach.

The Institute's aims

The Institute offers patients and referring doctors:

  • A quick-to-access and tailored care programme
  • An initial multidisciplinary assessment
  • Cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic interventional techniques
  • A strategic approach to pain from initial diagnosis to treatment from a friendly and efficient team of specialists

Quality certification

We are developing an official quality guarantee: the Swiss Pain Institute Certification. This will be awarded to hospitals and healthcare organisations which meet the standards set out by the Swiss Pain Institute.

We will also provide acute and chronic pain training and assessment tools. Organisations will be regularly monitored to ensure they are continuing to meet the standards required.


The Institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate medical training at the University of Geneva (second- and third-year elective courses). Since 2017, nursing training has also been given at Haute École de Santé La Source.

A one-year postgraduate medical fellowship has been available since 2010 for doctors of Swiss and other nationalities.

The Swiss Pain Institute is recognised as an “A Training Centre” by the Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management (SSIPM) and is a recipient of the prestigious World Institute of Pain Excellence Award.


The Institute delegates research activities to the PAIN Foundation.
The PAIN Foundation was founded in 2002 and has helped develop several quality models, including ISO 9001 certification and a database to monitor over 6000 patients (over a period of two years).


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